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Crawl spaces are often susceptible to moisture-related issues, but our dependable crawlspace waterproofing solutions, including full encapsulation, are designed to provide robust protection. Say goodbye to moisture problems and protect your home with our comprehensive services. We ensure your crawl space remains dry and secure, free from flooding, mold infestations, and pest issues.

Let’s start from the beginning

If you're currently dealing with water intrusion, our initial step involves identifying the source and tackling it head-on. This may include the installation of a sump pump, internal French drains, or other measures. Once the water issue is resolved, we formulate a detailed plan of action to ensure lasting protection.

Choose the superior choice for crawlspace waterproofing

Crawl space encapsulation is by far the best protection for your home. However, it's crucial to get it right the first time with no shortcuts. Given the vulnerability of crawl spaces to mold growth, trust our experts at Crescent Crawlspace. Our expertise in mold remediation and mold control is one of our specialties, and we know how to address it effectively.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection to assess your crawl space's condition, including moisture levels, ventilation, insulation, drainage, and any existing damage.

What to expect from our crawlspace contractor

During encapsulation, we utilize high-quality vapor barriers, seal crawl space vents, seal access points, install dehumidifiers for controlled humidity, and implement top-tier insulation and air sealing. 

We install reputable dehumidifiers like Aprilaire and Santa Fe for your Greenville, SC home. These brands are known for their excellent performance and value. Monitoring your dehumidifiers is hassle-free, and they offer sophistication at an affordable price.

The result is a fully encapsulated crawl space that's clean, bright, and ready to serve as a protective shield against moisture.

New crawlspace encapsulation

Exploring other humidity control solutions

The most suitable approach if you’re not choosing encapsulation depends on your home's specific conditions and the level of humidity you're dealing with. Contact us for a free crawlspace inspection to learn about other great crawlspace waterproofing solutions.

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